Acoufelt Panels

Acoufelt Panels were introduced as a high-performing acoustic solution for walls where sound management is important. Many educational and work spaces today are utilizing this panel format for a decorative and solution in absorbing unwanted sound.

More recent advancements have enabled high resolution digital printing using modern technology to print a range of designs and custom prints directly onto panels without reducing the effectiveness of the acoustic performance. This has only made sound management so much more achievable in life’s spaces.

Acoufelt Panels are a 12mm felt panel with strong acoustic properties, Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45 to 0.75, with a chevron bevelled cut pattern. This treatment can be used in a variety of interior wall or ceiling applications where you are needing to reduce noise reverberation in a open environment, quiet zone, huddle space or co-working area.

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. Acoufelt’s Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy looks at every surface of a room as an opportunity for noise minimisation: floors, walls and ceilings.  

With a collection of colours and patterns…contact us today to see how these panels can transform your space visually and aesthetically. Making Quiet. Acoufelt.

Fracture Collection - Acoufelt Acoustic Panel

The Acoufelt Fracture Collection of acoustic panels delivers on both acoustics and modern minimalist design. The distinguishing indented ‘Fracture’ pattern provides visual texture, helping architects and designers eliminate the trade-off between acoustic and aesthetic demands. Featured in fifteen carefully selected colorways, Fracture panels can be installed to suit the aesthetic requirements of any working, learning and living space. Fracture panels achieve an NRC of 0.64 when installed with an air gap in accordance with instructions using the magnetic mounting system. When directly stuck, they achieve a base NRC of 0.45.

QuietPrint™Collection - Acoufelt Acoustic Panel

Through Acoufelt’s QuietPrint™ capability, soft, noise absorbing materials can now be printed to appear as fashionable hard surfaces – such as wood, brick or cement – without the associated reverberation issues and high cost of materials and installation. This involves colouring the fibres with high precision, whilst ensuring air gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise. The net result is a printing technique that is high resolution, but has no significant impact on the acoustic performance on the base material.

Solid Collection - Acoufelt Acoustic Panel

Acoufelt solid panels achieve an NRC result up to 1.0 and are available in a variety of solid colorways. Depending on the acoustic requirements of the room, acoustic panels can be applied to cover the entire wall or ceiling, or as a standalone feature, adding colour and texture to the space. Both standard and custom dimensions are available for this product.